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A Writing Lesson in Every Book! 


Nikki Grimes

Out of the Dark
Single copy price $8.00
Jane Yolen 

On the Slant
Single copy price $8.00
Ralph Fletcher

Single copy price $8.00
Margaret Mooney

Essentially M
Single copy price $8.00

Students can learn by example the art of writing from authors whose lives are as interesting as their books!

                     Author At Work Package - All 4 Books
 $28.80   [Add to Cart]
                         10% Discount Off Single Copy Price
                          Call us for volume discounts for schools

Author at Work—UNIQUE and INSPIRING Author Memoirs
for Upper Elementary and Middle School Students in
Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Grades

Each book offers students valuable, inside information about writing and the writing process, the challenges and the rewards of writing from the perspective of the authors and their work, with rare colorful pictorial and illustrative glimpses into the private life of each author.

Through rich text, these 64-page, soft-cover books reveal how and why successful authors write. Students gain useful, practical knowledge from examples of the writing process.

Each author emphasizes those aspects most important to him or her. Some may focus on topic selection, others will dig into drafting, and other authors might put more energy into revision.  In each case the reader is provided multiple opportunities to directly apply the author’s experience to their own writing. 

You don't need an invitation!

"I have just finished reading the Author at Work books.  I love Nikki and Jane’s books and can't wait to use them with students in a Unit of Study entitled "Writerly Life", and so much more. I’ve known Ralph for over
twenty years and

They are the smartest and most honest books that I know for children about the lives of writers.  They are so well crafted because the writers themselves are talking about their craft.  You can feel the love in every word!

What incredible knowledge for young writers and readers these books are.  I have a fourth grade class where Ralph Fletcher is king of writing.  I can't believe how much his book is like having a good conversation with him up close and personal.

Isoke Titilayo Nia
All Write Literacy Consultants

See Meet the Author Collection




 Essentially M

Margaret E. Mooney is an internationally renowned and
respected educator, author, and editor. Her editing skills have
enabled her to produce a vast array of books for children and
for teachers.
Margaret spends many days each year in schools and classrooms
working with students and teachers on the use of books and
strategies for successful reading and writing. She has had a
profound and lasting impact on education. With Essentially M your
students will learn about writing, editing, and revision from the

Margaret E. Mooney is the author or co-author of:

   A Book is a Present
   A Matter of Balance

   Caught in the Spell of Writing and Reading: Grade 3 and Beyond

Text Forms and Features

A few examples of the great features of this book are shown on
pages 52 and 53 (see this double-page spread. Click image to enlarge.)

On page 52
  Margaret E. Mooney --

   * Addresses the importance of writing every day
   * Reveals how she makes this happen by structuring and
      organizing her day/time
   * Tells readers how she, too, a real writer, has to allow for
      intrusion of other demands yet continue to strive to improve

On page 53

   * The picture shows the many and various kinds of books 
      written by the author
   * The text speaks to the challenges of choosing the right words
   * It encourages readers with the message that it's ok if some
      things never get published,  just keep writing and honing
      your skills

Essentially M
by Margaret Mooney
FP Level S
 Word Count 250+

 $8.00 On Sale $6.40
 Item # 601
[Add to Cart]

Author At Work  Package - All 4 Books
[Add to Cart]


From Essentially M pages 52-53
Click image to enlarge


On the Slant

Jane Yolen, who is known as the Hans Christian Andersen of America, is the author of over 325 books, from picture books to poetry to nonfiction to fantasy novels to historical novels, including How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? Waking Dragons, and Last Laughs: Animal Epitaphs.  She is also a poet, a teacher of writing and literature, and a reviewer of children’s literature.

Jane Yolen’s books and stories have won many awards, including the Caldecott Medal, two Nebula Awards, two Christopher Medals, the World Fantasy Award, three Mythopoeic Fantasy Awards, the Golden Kite Award, the Jewish Book Award, and the Association of Jewish Libraries Award.  Six colleges and universities have given her honorary doctorates for her body of work. 

 Author of
Briar Rose
Commander Toad
The Devil's  Arithmetic
Owl Moon
A Letter from Phoenix Farm

"On the Slant takes every age reader to a place where imagination and hard work meet. The organized format and straight forward voice keep readers turning each page to learn more about Jane."

           Ruth McNally Barshaw: 2nd and 3rd Grade Books


On the Slant
by Jane Yolen
 FP Level T
 Word Count 250+
 Item # 603
[Add to Cart]

Author At Work Package - All 4 Books
[Add to Cart]

 click on each page for larger view of each page.

From On The Slant pages v-vi
Click each page image to view each image enlarged

Out of the Dark

Nikki Grimes
is the recipient of the 2006 NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children. Her distinguished works include ALA Notable book award What is Goodbye?, Jazmin's Notebook, Dark Sons, and The Road to Paris (Coretta Scott King Author Honor Books).

Creator of the popular
Meet Danitra Brown, Ms. Grimes lives in Corona, California. Nikki Grimes does not consider herself a bona fide storyteller, but, as she told an audience at the Library of Congress, she is happy to own the title Poet. Born and raised in New York City, Nikki began composing verse at the age of six and has been writing ever since.

 “I had to beat back a lot  of darkness in my life to find my way
to the light–my pen was a secret weapon in that battle.”

  Author of   
A Pocket Full of Poems 
 Bronx Masquerade
The Road to Paris
When Gorilla Goes Walking


 Out of the Dark
  by Nikki Grimes

FP Level W
 Word Count 250+
 Item # 602
 [Add to Cart]

Author At Work Package - All 4 Books [Add to Cart]

From Out of the Dark pages 26-27
Click image to enlarge

Ralph Fletcher is a well-loved author of many valuable books,
including books about how to write in various genres.  His books help
teachers inspire students to become eager and proficient writers;
and his school visits are a celebration of reading and writing. With
Reflections you can have a visit from Ralph Fletcher in book form.

New!Read how to use Reflections as Mentor Text

Read the transcript from the online discussion Ralph Fletcher Sept 24-27, 2007

Ralph Fletcher is the author of:      

    Boy Writers:  Reclaiming Their Voices
    Fig Pudding
    Flying Solo

 How to Write Your Life Story

A few examples of the great features of this book are shown on
pages 28 and 29 (see this double-page spread. Click image to enlarge.)

On page 28
  Ralph Fletcher --

   * Tells how he uses a notebook to record his inner feelings
      and thoughts
   * And it shows (rather than tells) an authentic example of this

On page 29

   * Addresses the value of recording "sensory impressions,
      odd things that happen, thoughts, dreams, and
   * The text notes the importance of revisiting, self-rejecting,
      and selecting
   * It tells how ideas or jottings can be the source of worth
      while, meaningful writing

by Ralph Fletcher  
 FP Level R
 Word Count 250+
 Item # 600
 [Add to Cart]

Author At Work Package - All 4 Books [Add to Cart]   


From Reflections pages 28-29
Click image to enlarge


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