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TRIALING is the process of gathering data for evaluating new books prior to their publication.  

Very few publishers go through this process. Those who do typically ask for teachers' opinions about manuscripts, but do not carefully trial their books in classrooms with children.

To produce the very best books for classroom use Richard C. Owen Publishers trials every book in its Books for Young Learners Collection. 

Trialing is an investment well worth the time and effort. We adults are unable to see through the eyes of a child and can be at a disadvantage in developing books that will be used to help children learn to read and write.  If we didnít trial our books, we might miss important information. 

The Purpose of Trialing

1. Trialing determines how the book can be used with children to teach the skills they need for reading, writing, and thinking.

2. Trialing indicates if and what improvements or revisions are needed to the text, layout, and / or illustrations.

3. Trialing helps determine the level and approaches for using the book appropriately and successfully.


  The Process of Trialing

A black and white version of the book is produced.

Then, it is sent out to classrooms of selected teachers across the country to schools where we have confidence that the teachers have the appropriate understandings, expertise and experience to choose and  effectively use, resources for children.

Data gathered from small group reading lessons and from running records taken later on children in similar groups around the country is evaluated and submitted to the editor at Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc.

This data enables the editor  and the trialing team to make final decisions about the text and illustrations, and to level the book for the appropriate stages and approaches for instructional use. 

Most of the changes to text and illustration are very modest, but they have great impact on supports and challenges for young children engaged in the work of reading, writing, and learning.

Trialing extends the time it takes to publish a new book for children. But it makes the difference between an adequate book and one that provides the best possible elements, features, and support for children who are learning to read and to write. 





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