Inside I Can Write 

Multi-use space:
There is blank space is at the top
half of each writing page for student illustration,
additional, and other supports for their writing process.

Writing and Revision lines:
57 pages of well spaced
lines for writing, with lines above for revisions,
additions, and teacher comments, makes learning
and improvement easier and clearer.

My Editing Guide: “I am learning how to” - two pages
at the back of the book provide lines for recording
examples and page numbers that indicate when specific
learning occurred; with an additional page for “Other
Editing.” Students refer to these personalized guides in
 order to continue improving their writing.

Alphabet recognition and practice

These are just some of the great features of this writing
writing book.

For teachers:
Pages at the back of each draft book
provide sections for “Recording Spelling Development”
of the student, “Recording Alphabet Knowledge” of the
student, and for recording Teacher’s Observation Notes.