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Contributed by Rebecca Shoniker, Independent Educational Consultant.

Still Firetalking
How it can be used as a Mentor Text:
●format of an autobiography (chronological order of her life with important people, places, and dates)
●reasons the author uses italics in a text
●reasons for capitalization (different uses for proper nouns rather than just names of people, e.g. Irish)
●other reasons authors use quotation marks (pg 7- "tell", pg 8- "firetalking")
●combination of photographs, maps, and illustrations in non-fiction book and why author made choices to place each on the page
●comma in a series
●reason for parenthesis (pg 8- (my Ukrainian grandmother)
●breaks punctuation rules... kids are taught to start a new paragraph when there is dialogue (pg 8)... why did she choose to do this as an author?
●breaks the rule and starts with the word "because" on pg 9 (conversational tone with the reader)
●term "golden memories" on pg 10 (how does that make you feel as a reader?)
●change of mood on page 12 with one line ("It soothed the pain of not doing well in school.")
●surprising facts on page 14 & 15
●ending starts to wrap us up by bringing us back to being a little girl (rocking chair and imagination on pg 24)
●brings figurative language into non-fiction writing to paint a picture in your mind (pg 25)
●writes about stories that really happened to her/ inspiration from people and places in her life
●rewrites- just like student writers do! (pg 26)
●last line is circular ending bringing back to her days being young and asking her grandmother- makes "story" feel complete