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                                                                               Meet the Author 
                                                                                                   Autobiographies for Grades 2-5

Meet the Author Book/price List

Meet The Author Collection

Popular children's authors give readers a rare personal glimpse into their daily lives. Illustrated throughout with fascinating, full-color photographs, These Autobiographies invite children to see how their favorite authors organize their writing day and how they turn ideas into books. Students will learn what is involved in developing a story, editing and revising, and how these writers became authors. Perfect books for author studies and teaching the writing process.

Unlock the writing process for young writers with Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc. Meet the Author Collection. These autobiographies by popular children's authors, are written specifically for children. Each book is a multifaceted resource for teaching reading  and writing for grades 2 through 5.

Writing is a craft that can be learned. Its skills can be developed through informed practice.


    Meet the Author books are:

  • excellent resources to engage your students in the writing process

  • perfect for author studies

  • authentic models of good writing

  • inspiring to young writers

    These are the stages of the writing

  • Forming intentions - The writer clarifies the purpose for writing, gathers information, and tests ideas. It involves thinking, talking, remembering, reflecting,
     searching for, and organizing information.

  • Composing and drafting - the writer is getting thoughts and ideas down on paper, rereading, reorganizing, and revising.

  • Correcting and publishing - the writer corrects, proofreads, checks spelling, grammar, punctuation, and neatness. The text is ready for others to read.

  • Outcomes - The writer shares published work, gets responses from readers, and reflects on their own words.


Meet the Author Book List
Creating a Classroom of Writers

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