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We are pleased to offer this opportunity for educators to join in lively and in-depth discussions with our authors.

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An Online Discussion

Ken and Yetta Goodman

A Declaration of Professional Conscience
for Teachers

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Priscilla Shannon
The Hero's Journey
Transforming Landscapes
and Horizons; Transcending Barriers

April 23-25, 2009

The Hero's Journey:  
Power Point

Trevor Cairney
"Rethinking Language & Learning" 

June 28-through July1, 2010  

Trevor's Blog:
Literacy, Families and Learning

Betsy Franco

Rebecca Dotlich

J. Patrick Lewis

Marilyn Singer
Sylvia M. Vardell  Janet Wong 
A Conversation with Poets: Teaching. Writing and Sharing Poetry

September 15, 16, 17, 2008

Lenny Sánchez

Kevin Shrum


Geri Williams

Exploring The Teaching and Learning Cycle
A key construct of The Learning Network

July 21, 22, and 23, 2008


Yetta Goodman

Prisca Martens

Alan Flurkey

Heidi Bacon

Retrospective Miscue Analysis: Helping Readers Revalue Reading

Read Retrospective Miscue Analysis Analysis: An Overview

Read Tracy Perry's blog:


Katie Moeller

Geri Williams

Writing Journals Workshop

March 19-20, 2008

Brian Cambourne

20 Years of Educational Research and What Has been Learned

February 4-7, 2008

Margaret E. Mooney

Selecting Resources for Instruction  with Children at all Grades

October 8-11, 2007

Ralph Fletcher

Developing Writers in the Elementary and Secondary Schools

September 24-27, 2007

Marilyn Duncan

Literacy Coaching and Instructional Dialogue

October 25-26, 2007

Getting the School Year Off to a Great Start in Kindergarten and Beyond...

Organizing and Planning for Classroom Teaching

August 6-9, 2007

Literacy Coaching and Instructional Dialogue

October 16-21, 2006

Yetta M. Goodman

Miscue Inventory and Reading Strategies

November 26-27, 2007

Miscue Analysis and Reading Strategies: Past, Present, Future

July 23-26, 2007

Terrell A. Young


Caught in the Spell of Reading Nonfiction

 June 13-15, 2007


Janet Wong

Poetry in the Classroom

March 21-23, 2007

Jan Turbill

Wendy Bean

Writing Instruction 

November 26-27

Writing and Writing Instruction: Helping Your Students Write With Purpose and Audience In Mind

January 21-25, 2007

David M. Matteson and  
Deborah K. Freeman

Building the Foundation of Early Literacy-- A Fresh Look at Beginning Literacy Instruction

November 12-14,2007

Early Literacy

November 29 –
December 4, 2006



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by Marilyn Duncan

 Literacy Coaching: Developing Effective 
 Teachers through Instructional Dialogue


by Marilyn Duncan

 The Kindergarten Book:
 A Guide to Literacy Instruction

Marilyn Duncan has been a teacher for over thirty years. Her work has been in the classroom with children and as a teacher developer. Marilyn has been the Trainer of Coordinators for The Learning Network®, the general editor for Inside Learning Network Schools (1997) and currently is involved in a large-scale district initiative in Colorado. While she has worked in all areas of education she regards herself primarily as a kindergarten teacher.  She is a popular international presenter and keynoter. Marilyn lives with her husband Peter in Wanaka, New Zealand.

by Ralph Fletcher 



Ralph Fletcher is a well-loved author of many valuable trade books for children and professional books for teachers, including books about how to write in various genres.  His books help teachers inspire students to become eager and proficient writers; and his school visits are a celebration of reading and writing. With his new book Reflections Ralph provides a candid visit in book form to share with students in upper elementary grades and middle school. During this discussion he will share ideas and strategies for developing young writers and answer questions you may have about the writing process.

by Yetta M. Goodman
Dorothy J. Watson  and
Carolyn L. Burke

 Reading Miscue Inventory: From
 Evaluation to Instruction Second Edition


by Yetta M. Goodman, Dorothy J. Watson, and Carolyn L. Burke


 Reading Strategies: Focus on
 Comprehension 2/E

Yetta M. Goodman
is Regents Professor of Education at the University of Arizona – Tucson, College of Education, Department of Language, Reading, and Culture.  She has been researching miscue analysis, early literacy process, and kid watching for many years.  In addition to her leadership roles in many professional organizations, she has authored and co-authored many books and articles, including Reading Miscue Inventory:  Alternative Procedures, Retrospective Miscue Analysis:  Revaluing Readers and Reading, and the first edition of Reading Strategies:  Focus on Comprehension.  

 by David M. Matteson
 Deborah K Freeman

 Assessing and Teaching Beginning
 Readers: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words


by David M. Matteson
Deborah K. Freeman

 Assessing and Teaching
 Beginning Writers: Every Picture
 Tells a  Story

Foreword by Lesley Mandel

David M. Matteson
uses his 20 years of diverse teaching and leadership experiences to make the most of his work with students, teachers, and school districts. He has been an early childhood classroom teacher and Reading Recovery® teacher and currently works with several districts, primarily focusing on assessing and teaching young children. He is also a coordinator of teacher and school development through The earning Network®. David lives in Naperville, Illinois with his wife Angela and son Colin. His son Nicholas is currently attending Boston College.

Deborah K. Freeman is currently a prekindergarten teacher at Beckham Elementary in Arlington, Texas. Over her longtime career as an educator,  Debbie has taught a variety of grade levels and has served as a literacy coach for prekindergarten teachers in her district and through The Learning Network®. She regularly makes presentations at state, regional, and national conferences and provides inservice and staff development training to other educators.  She is the proud mother of two grown children, Angel and Danny. Being Grandma to Emily and Luke keeps Debbie and her husband, Ken, very busy.

by Margaret E. Mooney

 A Book is a Present:
 Selecting Text for Intentional Teaching



by Margaret E. Mooney and Terrell A. Young

 Caught in the Spell of
Writing and
 Reading: Grade 3 and Beyond
Margaret E. Mooney’s teaching, writing, and publishing career began in New Zealand, but for more than a decade she has been dividing her time between New Zealand and the United States. Margaret encourages teachers to view all children as worthy, not needy, emphasizing education as a process of enhancement and not one of compensation. Her work encompasses comprehension and word attack skills and the integration of writing and reading at all grade levels.  Her most recent books are Essentially M, a memoir for upper elementary and middle school students that focuses on how she approaches writing, and Caught in the Spell of Writing and Reading: Grade 3 and Beyond, written with Terry Young and colleagues from the United States and Australia. 

by Jan Turbill and
Wendy Bean

 Writing Instruction k-6:
 Understanding Process, Purpose,


Jan Turbill
is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, Australia. Her research ranges from early literacy development to the professional development of teachers. More recently she has been researching the use of technology as a support for literacy learning in the early years of schooling and as a medium for professional learning for teachers. She is the author of many books and articles and is President of the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association (ALEA).

Wendy Bean
is a well-known educator, speaker, and consultant in he area of literacy instruction. She is co-author of Read, Write, Spell and several other books and articles on spelling. She has taught in the Australian school system for many years, worked on national government education projects, and designed and implemented professional development courses. Currently, her work in classrooms focuses on assisting teachers to meet the specific needs of children and to measurably improve teaching and learning.


 by Janet Wong


 Before it Wriggles Away

Janet  Wong is a charismatic, award-winning author of numerous poetry collections and picture books for children who has made writing for children the “important work” of her life.  She has spent years bringing poetry into classrooms and inspiring children across the country. 

by Margaret E. Mooney
and Terrell A. Young

 Caught in the Spell of Writing and Reading:
 Grade 3 and Beyond


Terrell A. Young
is a professor of literacy education at Washington State University, where he teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in children’s literature and reading. Terry taught elementary school for twelve years in Wyoming, Utah, and Venezuela. He is the past president of both the Washington Organization for Reading Development and the IRA Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group and the current president of the NCTE Children’s Literature Assembly. He co-authored the books Literature-Based Instruction with English Language  Learners, K-12 (Allyn & Bacon, 2002) and What Every Teacher Should Know about English Language Learners (Allyn & Bacon, 2004), edited Happily Ever After: Sharing Folk Literature with Elementary and Middle School Students (IRA, 2004), and co-edited Supporting the Literacy Development of English Learners: Increasing Success in All Classrooms (IRA, 2006). He is blessed to be married to a wonderful elementary music teacher and to have four terrific kids to remind him of his imperfections.

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