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Concept Cartoon
in Science Education
Authors: John Dabell, Brenda Keogh & Stuart Naylor

                                       See Concept Cartoons in Mathematics Education

Concept Cartoon in Science Education
Book & CD, available separately or as a bundle
The Book and CD contain 120 Concept Cartoons covering the main areas of science.
Book   Millgate 6 $  75.00 Add To Cart
Single User CD Millgate 7 $  85.00 Add To Cart
Book/CD Millgate 8 $145.00 Add To Cart
Site CD Millgate 9 $165.00 Add To Cart
Site CD/Book Millgate 10 $220.00 Add To Cart


This deceptively simple strategy transforms the way learners engage in their lessons  and promotes more effective teaching, learning and assessment in mathematics and science.  They are most suitable for pupils ages 8-14, but can be used outside this age range.
Background text, written in pupil-friendly language, is available for each Concept Cartoon. This suggests possible follow up activities and explains the math or science behind the different alternatives and possible answers. The book contains black and white photocopiable pages. The interactivity of the CD enables the speech bubbles to be changed and modified. A blank speech bubble encourages learners to add additional ideas. The level of demand of many of the Concept Cartoons can be adjusted by changing the central information and the text in the speech bubbles.

Ideal for STEM instruction. This is an integrated/ interrelated product that bridges Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

 The CD is available two license forms:  Single User License and Site License. 

A typical Concept Cartoon has the following features:

● Visual representation of ideas
● Minimal text, in dialogue form
● Alternative viewpoints on the situation
● Ideas are applied in everyday situations
● The generally acceptable viewpoint is included
   in the alternatives
● The alternatives are given equal status

Are available with follow up notes background notes for teachers

Concept Cartoons have been thoroughly researched in classrooms around the world. Simple cartoon-style drawings present learners with their own misconceptions and generate discussion and argument. They are remarkably easy to use in the classroom as a part of normal teaching.


John Dabell is an experienced primary teacher, Ofsted trained inspector, writer and freelance numeracy consultant.

Brenda Keogh



The late Brenda Keogh was a Director of Millgate House Education. Brenda has been an inspirational writer and teacher who has touched and transformed the lives of teachers and learners all over the world. She leaves a lasting legacy that will continue to influence classrooms for years to come.

Stuart Naylor



Stuart Naylor is a Director of Millgate House Education. His main roles are running courses for teachers in the UK and internationally, consultancy, writing new publications and research.