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Force Field for Good:
Teaching Kindness through
Song and Literature with CD

by Barry Lane and Colleen Mestdagh

Book with DVD 
DVD contains singalong Videos, home connection sheets, lesson reproducibles, and much more.

2014 pb  159 pages
ISBN: 978-1-931492-29-4
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Item#451  $15.00

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sample a song

A Year-long Kindness Curriculum for 30 minutes per Month for grades K-5

Kindness and self-knowledge are not explicitly written into most curriculum standards yet they are the most important qualities a child can learn in school for success in a civilized society. More than a collection of songs and lessons, Force Field for Good is an ongoing, year long, practical approach to creating a kindly classroom community of students who share a passion for self-reflection and aspire to well being for every member of their class.                 Read A Note from Colleen, page 11

The easy to use, teacher-created lessons foster higher level thinking skills which connect to state standards and teach students how to mine deep meaning from life and literature.

Much more than an anti-bullying program, Force Field for Good will have your students joyously singing aloud as you watch them grow into empathetic, courageous and compassionate kids who make their classroom, their school, and their community a zone of love and learning! See Force Field for Good in ACTION!

"Force Field for Good is an invitation to think, reflect, sing along, read and take action for the good in the world…Each pairing of music and literature is the nudge we need to continue striving to become our truest, best self."
                                                Lester Laminack, co-author of Bullying Hurts

"This is not a program. It is a mindset of teaching kindness. Without teaching kindness and connecting this to all members of our community, we won’t reach our highest potentials as learners or human beings."    Jamie Palmer, School Librarian

Force Field for Good Audio CD

This audio cd contains the all the songs from Force Field for good plus 8 completely new tracks.  Unlike the DVD rom that comes with the lesson book, this cd can be played directly on a car stereo or cd players.  
Item#451  $15.00
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Songs include: 

Force Field for Good
Know your Higher Self Click to Play!

Ode to Other
The Gimme Blues
Magic Mirror
Mean Girls
The Big Bad Bully Bus
Love Yourself
More Than a Number
Dream Anthem
Dream  Anthem 2
Words, Words, Words
Sammy Miller
Afraid of Love
Okay Song
Only Love

Now is the New Day

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Barry Lane
Author Bio:

Barry Lane has taught writing at the University of New Hampshire, founded a literacy program in Vermont prisons, and worked as a writer in residence in hundreds of elementary and secondary school classrooms throughout the country. Barry is nationally known for his dynamic, hands-on workshops on writing and revision.

He has written many popular professional books on teaching writing, including Discovering the Writer Within, The Healing Pen,  After THE END, The Reviser’s Toolbox, 51 Wacky We-Search Reports, Hooked on Meaning, and Force Field for Good (with Colleen Mestdagh). Along with books for teachers, he has written 2 albums of songs for children, Lane’s Recycled Fairy Tales and Force Field for Good.  Barry has presented in all 50 states, South Africa, France, India, England, and Rumania. 

    More recently, Barry has been touring elementary schools singing and presenting to children about kindness. You can follow Barry on Twitter  at @barrylane or visit his website,


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