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Writing Instruction k-6:
Understanding Process, Purpose, Audience
By Jan Turbill and  Wendy Bean

2006 pb  240 pages
ISBN 1-57274-748-x


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The authors explore what is important about effective writing instruction, how it is situated within all the modes of literacy, and "why we do what we do" in writing instruction today. By refocusing on writing process and emphasizing the need for even young students to consider audience, purpose and genre when writing, K-6 teachers will find an effective road map for enhancing their writing instruction. Also included are staff development activities, exemplars of children's writing and in the appendices, a variety of practical formative assessments and monitoring forms.
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From the Foreword by MEM FOX:  "Teachers who want fresh air in their writing curriculum, as well as success for themselves and for their young writers will be as inspired as I have been by this easy-to-read book and its quietly revolutionary message."

"The authors of this book guide us toward a more authentic writing classroom.  Their surprising insights and gorgeous anecdotes and their sound theories and their very practical suggestions on how best to teach writing will help all of us to grow as writers first, and then as teachers of writing."

Transcript of Online Discussion with the Author
November 26-27 2007

Transcript of Online Discussion with the Author
January 21-25, 2007

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Author Bios:

Jan Turbill is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, Australia. Her research ranges from early literacy development to the professional development of teachers. More recently she has been researching the use of technology as a support for literacy learning in the early years of schooling and as a medium for professional learning for teachers. She is the author of many books and articles and is President of the Australian Literacy Educatorsí Association (ALEA).

Wendy Bean

Wendy Bean is a well-known  Australian educator, speaker, and consultant in the area of literacy instruction. She is co-author of Read, Write, Spell and several other books and articles on spelling. She has taught in the Australian school system for many years, worked on national government education projects, and designed and implemented professional development courses. Currently, her work in classrooms focuses on assisting teachers to meet the specific needs of children and to measurably improve teaching and learning.