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                                                                          Guidelines PDF Version

What We Publish

Our company is dedicated to all aspects of literacy development, with an emphasis on developing the reflective and practical capacity of educators to make effective professional decisions.  As you browse our web site or read our catalog, you will get a sense of the high-quality professional books we carry and continue to seek. We value writing that is supported by:

·  Knowledge of current learning theory

·  Evidence from effective classroom or school-wide practices

·  Personal reflection

·  Helpful and well-told anecdotes.

We do not usually publish specific lesson plans or books of activities for literature studies or other content areas. We welcome ideas and submissions from both novice and experienced writers who have a passion for their work and topic.


What to Include

Note: Electronic submissions are preferred.

1) Cover Letter or Memo that includes the following 
    information (2 pages maximum):

·  Working title and summary statement of book’s intent

·  Reasons for writing this book

·  How this book will differ from competing books on similar topic

·  Intended audience

·  Anticipated number of manuscript pages

·  Anticipated amount of illustrative material (tentative number of tables,
diagrams, or pieces of teacher or student work you envision being included)

·  Why you think your book may be a good match with our company

·   Proposed time frame for completing the manuscript

·  Home and e-mail addresses, business and home telephone numbers,
and fax numbers.


2) Proposal or Manuscript


·  Word processed; double spaced

·  Table of contents with short and clear explanation of intended/possible contents

·  Sample of writing in proposed genre and style

·  Bibliographic references.


·  Word processed; double spaced

·  Table of contents

·  Bibliographic references.

3) Current résumé or vita


what happens to a Submission?

The acquisitions editor and a small national editorial board review your proposal for appropriate topic, content, writing style, and how your submission fits with our current list. You will receive an acknowledgement of your submission within a week of our receipt. Gathering necessary feedback, however, may take several months. Please be patient.


WHERE TO Send Submissions

Richard Owen
Richard C. Owen Publishers
PO Box 585
Katonah, NY 10536
telephone: 914-232-3903 (Eastern Standard time)

If you wish to talk about an idea you have before submitting your work, you are welcome to call or e-mail. 

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