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Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc. For four decades we have been active publishers of books for children learning to read and write and professional books for teachers. Excellence in Literacy Education Since 1982. We share a dream that all schools are places where children and teachers are enthusiastic learners, and

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A Declaration of Professional Conscience for Teachers

In 1990 Ken Goodman published “A Declaration of Professional Conscience for Teachers” as a front piece of the book The Whole Language Catalog, edited with Yetta Goodman and Lois Bridges.  Two decades later we encouraged Ken to take another look at the Declaration and to add an addendum. The work of

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PROUD WINNER: 2021 Kid’s Book Choice Award

ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY HOP TO IT: Poems to Get You Moving is an anthology of 100 poems by 90 poets—with fun facts sprinkled throughout, thematic mini-lessons, and extensive back matter featuring useful tips to help maximize student learning. You can share a new poem or two each week of the

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Bulletin of Tim O’Keefe

What Does Reading Mean to You? Ask yourself the question, “What does reading mean to you?” You might remember how you were taught to read. Cherished memories of sitting in a loved one’s lap being read to might come to mind. Perhaps you remember the first book you could read

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