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Made For Learning Series

Special Podcast From PEBC

Learners must be the “doers” of what they are learning! Being a doer is supported by engagement, immersion, demonstration, employment, expectation, approximation, responsibility and response – these conditions are commonly known as the “Conditions of Learning” or “Cambourne’s Conditions” and are an essential component of “Cambourne’s Model of Learning” theory. This theory was originally published published in Cambourne’s The Whole Story: Natural Learning and the Acquisition of Literacy in the Classroom in 1988.

An Exploration of Cambourne’s Conditions of Learning With Dr. Brian Cambourne and Debra Crouch

February 18, 2021

BONUS Podcast From PEBC

The “Conditions of Learning” work synergistically to support student engagement and understanding. But what happens when systems are stressed? What happens when deficit based language and practices start to creep into our work with children? What happens when teachers are not able to be responsive to the students before them? In this episode of the Phenomenal Teaching Podcast, Michelle Morris Jones reconnects with Dr. Brian Cambourne and author Debra Crouch to unpack the ways the “Conditions Of Learning” are more relevant today than ever before.

Creating the Conditions of Learning to Foster Engagement and Growth in Times of Disruption

January 25, 2022

In these Introduction Episodes, Dr. Alicia Gallegos Butters, Dr. Michanne Hoctor Thompson, and Pamela Rabin kick off our new podcast series by jumping right into reflective conversations about making effective teaching decisions and what the driving beliefs and practices are that underly teacher practice and technology integration. 

Episode 1: Made For Learning Series

Chapter 1 – Introduction

September 2, 2021


Episode 2: Made For Learning Series

Chapter 2 – Theories of Learning and Teaching 

September 5, 2021

In Episode 3, we are joined by our colleague Cherissa Kreider-Beck, Coordinator, English Language Arts in the Learning & Leadership Services division at the San Diego County Office of Education. 

Episode 3: Made For Learning Series

Chapter 3 – Introduction to the Conditions for Learning

October 5, 2021

In Episode 4, we join Alicia Gallegos Butters and Pamela Rabin in a discussion about this chapter of the book, and how we see comparisons within the world of Educational Technology.

Episode 4: Made for Learning Series

Chapter 4 – Immersion & Demonstration

October 29, 2021

BONUS Ed Tech Podcast

Jump into a discussion with authors, Debra Crouch & Brian Cambourne, plus special guests, Cherissa Kreider-Beck, and publisher, Richard Owen! We discuss how they came to write the book.

Bonus Episode with Authors, Debra Crouch & Brian Cambourne

February 9, 2022

In Episode 5, Alicia Gallegos Butters, Michanne Hoctor, and Pamela Rabin discuss the chapter on student engagement. As well as discussing our thoughts on the concepts and questions raised by the authors, we also view the chapter through the lens of educational technology. 

Episode 5: Made For Learning Series

Chapter 5 – Engagement

March 29, 2022


In Episode 6, Alicia Gallegos Butters, Michanne Hoctor, and Pamela Rabin discuss the chapter that takes student engagement deeper by exploring conditions that increase the probability of engagement. Specifically expectation, responsibility, employment, approximation, and response.

Episode 6: Made For Learning Series

Chapter 6 – Conditions that Increase the Probability of Engagement

June 13, 2022

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