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BYL: Alphabetical Order

Books for Young Learners - Listed Alphabetically

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A Car Followed Us   (Spanish)
A Coat Full of Bubbles  (Spanish)
A Day at the Fair
A Family of Beavers 
A Fishy Story 
A Little Green Dandelion
A Small Sailboat 
Alexander and the Stallion
Alley Cat  (Spanish)
And Then There Were Birds 
Andi’s Wool  (Spanish)
At the Horse Show  (Spanish)
At the Lake
Bacon Saturday Mornings
Baron: Rescue Dog  (Spanish)
Bat’s Night Out  (Spanish)
Beach Feet   
Bedtime  (Spanish)
Best Friends   (Spanish)
Breakfast with John  (Spanish) 
Bunny Magic  (Spanish)
Cakewalk  (Spanish)
Camel Ben
Caribbean Cats
Cat Tails  (Spanish)
Cats Everywhere  (Spanish)
Chickens  (Spanish)
Click!  (Spanish)
Coo Coo Caroo  (Spanish)

Coyote Plants a Peach Tree  (Spanish)

Crabbing Time
Dad Still Smiles  (Spanish)
Digging to China
Diving for Treasure  (Spanish)
Dogs at School  (Spanish)
Dogs Love to Play Ball
Dragon Feet  (Spanish)
Dragonflies  (Spanish)
Drawbridge  (Spanish)
Dream Catcher
Eat Your Broccoli 
Escape from Death  Valley  (Spanish)
Evening Song
Farmer Brown and Dapple Gray
Flip Flop  (Spanish)
Freedom Quilt
Frozen Music
Gargoyles on Guard
Gecko’s Story  (Spanish)
Goha and His Donkey
Goodbye, Goose
Grandpa’s Candy Store  (Spanish)
Haiku for You
Henry Runs Away
Henry  (Spanish)
Henry’s Tricks  (Spanish)
Hidden in the Midden
Hoketichee and the Manatee  (Spanish)
Hoops and Me
Hop and Stop
How Fox Became Red
I Meowed  (Spanish)
I Ride the Waves
I Went to the Beach  (Spanish)
In Black Bear Country
In Grandma Rita’s Garden
Jake’s First Word
Joe’s Blue Shoes
Jump the Broom  (Spanish)
Katydids  (Spanish)
Kitty Goes Splash   
Little Critters
Little Panda
Little Puffer Fish
Little Turtle 
Log Garfish
Looking for Bears
Mai-Li’s Surprise  (Spanish)
Mama Cut My Hair  (Spanish)
Mama’s Llamas  (Spanish)
Meeting Squawky
Mirounga’s Pup
Misty Sleeps
Moonbeam Cow
Mother Octopus
Mrs. Murphy’s Crows  (Spanish)
My Box  (Spanish)
My Bug Box  (Spanish)
My Dog Fuzzy  (Spanish)
My Favorite Bear
My Favorite Place
My Little Brother Ben  (Spanish)
My Mom’s Apron
My Name is Erica Montoya de la Cruz 
New Beginnings
New York City Buildings  (Spanish)
Night Walk  (Spanish)
No Dogs Allowed  (Spanish)
Nothing in the Mailbox  (Spanish)
Old Bumpy Alligator
Our Polliwogs  (Spanish)
Paco’s Garden  (Spanish)
Pancakes for Breakfast  (Spanish)
Pat and Pea Soup  (Spanish)
Perlitas  (Spanish)
Pigeon Feathers
Pigs Peek  (Spanish)

Play Ball!  (Spanish)

Raven’s Gift  (Spanish)
Saguaro  (Spanish)
Sea Lights
Shintaro’s Umbrellas  (Spanish)
So Many Strawberries
So Sleepy  (Spanish)
Solar-Powered Sam
Spiders Everywhere  (Spanish)
Star Pictures
Strange Plants   (Spanish)
Strange Things
Sunflowers  (Spanish)
Termites  (Spanish)
The Artist  (Spanish)
The Author on My Street
The Bear’s Tale
The Birds at My Barn  (Spanish)
The Birthday Bird  (Spanish)
The Cat with No Tail
The Changing Caterpillar  (Spanish)
The Children of Sierra Leone
The Coral Reef   
The Dollar  (Spanish)
The Fox  (Spanish)

The Hungry Sea Star    (Spanish)

The Legend of Scarface 
The Lid
The Little Book of Street Rods
The Little Frogs of Puerto Rico  (Spanish)
The Old Train   (Spanish)
The Paper Bag    
The Pond  (Spanish)
The Red-Tailed Hawk   (Spanish)
The Sparrows   (Spanish)
The Stone Hat  
The Storm  (Spanish)
The Strongest Animal  (Spanish)
The Super-Duper Sandwich
The Wild Parrots of San Francisco
There Was a Mouse  (Spanish)
Tiger Dave  (Spanish)
Too Many Nuts
Tricky Rabbit
Turtle Nest  (Spanish) 
Two Fables of Aesop 
Under My Sombrero  (Spanish)
Walking by the Rio  (Spanish)
Walking Home Alone
Water Water Everywhere
Watermelon  (Spanish)
Who Cleans the Museum?
Why Animals Never Got Fire
Wolf Song
Zippers  (Spanish)