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What Does Reading Mean to You?

by Tim O'Keefe

January 2023

How Do Children Learn?

by Maryann Whitfield

January 2023

Ask yourself the question, “What does reading mean to you?”  You might remember how you were taught to read.  Cherished memories of sitting in a loved one’s lap being read to might come to mind.

I watched in fascination as my grandson built his newest Lego set.  Building with Legos is one of his passions.  He faithfully followed the directions given in schematic drawings. 

Read, Read, Read–Because Reading Is Fundamental!!

by Teresa Thayer Snyder

January 2023

Immersion into Language: Speaking and Writing

by Tim O’Keefe

February 2023

There are days I think my mother was ahead of her time.  It is not something I understood or even appreciated as a youngster, but when I reflect on it, she made some remarkable decisions.

Bulletin - Teresa Thayer Snyder

Parents and caregivers are children’s most important teachers, especially in the early years.  After all, family and close friends spend children’s young lives not only as loved ones, but as their first teachers.


by Teresa Thayer Snyder

February 2023

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There is wonderful children’s book by Peter Reynolds called ish that my just turned five-year-old grandson experienced in his outstanding daycare/preschool last spring.

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