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Welcome Homeschool Families

We urge you to visit often as we continue to build and refine our site.  Send us your feedback and receive TWO FREE GIFTS.

Homeschool families have the tremendous responsibility of providing the best possible education and life experiences for their child(ren).  We are not here to offer a curriculum or plan of study.

What we can do is help you nurture your child’s literacy development.  We invite you to explore our offerings – Teaching tips, tools, engaging children’s books, and more.  Click on any of our site features below.

Practical, natural examples of engagement between adults and children, with additional commentary and suggestions for homeschoolers to try out.

Bulletins – brief articles on pertinent topics in literacy.  Author Stories – read the story behind the story by our children’s book authors, and inspire your young readers and writers.

Free access to eBooks in English and Spanish.  Special introductory book package offers for homeschool families. 

Special children’s book packages organized by level for homeschool families to grow home libraries for instruction and independent reading.

Teaching points, activities, and prompts written for each of our 174 children’s books to extend learning and topic exploration.

Draft writing books that include key supports, prompts, word lists, and more to improve your child’s writing and reading skills.

Our long history plus bios of educator contributors to the Literacy Gallery and Library site. 

Our experienced educator colleagues are here to support homeschoolers.  Send your comments and questions and we will send you a free Alphabet Card AND a children’s book of your choice!