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Parent Supports and Children’s Literacy

Providing a Service to Parents, Grandparents, and Other Caregivers

A few months after the pandemic arrived in 2020, a small group of retired educators partnered with us to develop a service for parents who suddenly were schooling their children at home. 

The Literacy Gallery and Library is a free site for visitors to explore ways to support young learners.  Come in and spend time with us.  While here, you can also review some of the free ebooks in the section At-Home Reading. 

Pause.  Reflect.  Enhance your interactions with your children.

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We believe that learning is built into all of us from birth and much of learning is a natural process that emerges from the interaction of children with parents and other human beings and with the world. Newborn babies waste no time in starting a life-long quest of making meaning of their surroundings using all of their senses and their brains.

Here we will explore children learning language – both print and voice – with an emphasis on Learning to Talk, Learning to Read, and Learning to Write.  Our goal is to offer you abundant real-life stories revealing ways in which you can support your child’s learning in these areas.

In the words of Debra Crouch and Brian Cambourne,

“All children are made for learning.”

Reading options fun for you and for your child.  The literacy journey begins at home with you.  Read about nurturing, encouraging, and inspiring your child to develop a lifelong love of reading.  Free access to e-books.  Special offers on children’s books.

Parents, Grandparents, and Caregivers are invited to explore practical, natural examples of engagement between adults and children. Learn how you can support a child’s literacy journey with accessible tips on Learning to Talk, Learning to Read, and Learning to Write. 

Bulletins – Short articles focused on literacy, written by educators for parents.

Author Stories – Insights into what motivates our children’s book authors to write their stories.


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