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Are you nurturing a young learner in your home?  Or perhaps you want to provide guidance for your grandchildren.  Look to The Literacy Gallery as one source of support.  This section of our website focuses on LEARNING TO TALK, LEARNING TO READ, and LEARNING TO WRITE.  Recently we have added a new section called LEARNING TO LEARN: Making Connections, which allows us to include stories that extend beyond the specific range of language, reading, and writing.

Scroll down and explore one or more episodes that catch your eye.

• You will see a short description of an interaction between an adult and child.  We call this a vignette.

• These vignettes apply to a broad range of learning experiences within a wide range of stages.  The age/stage of the learner is one indicator.  Another is the subtitle of the episode.

• You will see a commentary (with blue background) that looks below the surface of the story.

• Note the episode titles that end with an asterisk.  That indicates more information about the content is available in a Bulletin(s) linked to the episode.

• Many commentaries also include suggestions for you to try with your young learner.

Come back and tell us about your experience.


Spoken language builds the foundation for learning to read and write.  Starting at birth, parents and caregivers naturally surround a child with talk.  Babies hear us talking with one another, they listen when we speak to them and about them.  And they are eager to mimic us as they experiment with their first words.  In this section, click on episodes to discover ways you can encourage and nurture your child’s natural curiosity about language and their ability to communicate through talk.

* Asterisk indicates link to a Bulletin(s)

Uh-oh. . . I Scared!

Play is Learning

 Infant/Toddler <–> Primary 


No, No Like It

Learning to Talk Through Everyday Conversation

 Infant/Toddler <–> Primary 


Doo-doo-doo, Baby Shark

Helping a Child Discover the Power of Language

 Infant/Toddler <–> Primary 

Jack and Jill

The Benefits of Nursery Rhymes

 Infant/Toddler <–> Primary 


Brady Learns to Sign

How Do We Help Our Littlest Ones to Communicate?

 Infant/Toddler <–> PreschoolESPAÑOL


Brady’s Shoes*

Positive Responses That Encourage Learners



Avery Begins Her Journey*

A Road on a Child’s Journey to Becoming Literate

 Infant/Toddler <–> Preschool 


I Remember*

Parents: A Child’s First Teacher



Reading is about making meaning in print.  Learning to read should be as natural, real, and stress-free as learning to talk.  Reading opens up a child’s imagination and provides access to knowledge about the world around them.  From selecting the right books, to holding your child in your lap as you read your first books together, to their first attempts at reading, your child’s lifelong love of reading begins at home.  In this section, click on episodes to discover how you, your child’s first teacher, can create opportunities to explore printed language.

* Asterisk indicates link to a Bulletin(s)


Little Bee

How Our Littles Learn So Much about Reading

 Infant <–> Preschool 


Jakari and the Golden Lion Tamarins

Using Devices as Resources for Writing and Reading



Why Do Dandelions Have So Many Seeds?*

The Power of a Child’s Curiosity

 Infant/Toddler <–> Intermediate 


I Don’t Know That Word!

The Lift the Beginning Reader Might Need

 Primary <–> Intermediate 


Good Night, King

Conversations, Connections, and Confidence

 Infant/Toddler <–> Primary 


Conversations about Rhymey Words

Developing the Ability and Desire to Read

 Preschool <–> Primary 



The Power of Read Alouds



Nana, I Have a Question*

Reading to Children as They Get Older



Best Friends*

To Help a Young Reader Learn about Reading

 Infant/Toddler <–> PrimaryESPAÑOL


Luke Swims With the Whales*

A Reader’s Imagination

 Infant/Toddler <–> High School 



Informational Books Ignite Reading

 Infant/Toddler <–> PrimaryESPAÑOL


Amir Figures It Out*

Meaning Matters Most

 Preschool <–> PrimaryESPAÑOL


Just Imagine*

Tapping Into Your Child’s Imagination

 Infant/Toddler <–> High School 


I Read the Words Right

Reading is about Understanding the Story

 Preschool <–> PrimaryESPAÑOL


One Child’s Journey*

Never Give Up

 Primary <–> Middle School 


A Bedtime Story  

Bedtime Stories and the Opportunity They Give

 Infant/Toddler <–> IntermediateESPAÑOL


A Lively Conversation*

Sharing a Book and a Conversation

 Infant/Toddler <–> High School


But the Words Are Bigger

Unlocking the Meaning

 Infant/Toddler <–> IntermediateESPAÑOL


Flashlight Reading!

Reading Books Together Builds Key Relationships

 Infant/Toddler <–> Intermediate 


I Only Read the “Pink” Books*

Reading With a Little One

 Preschool <–> PrimaryESPAÑOL


A Good Idea!*

A Book and the Opportunities it Gives

 Preschool <–> Primary 


Luke and Mother Octopus: A Moment of Enlightenment*

A Time of Wonder, Curiosity and Discovery

 Infant/Toddler <–> Intermediate 


Turner Makes a Book*

Reading My Own Writing

 Preschool <–> Primary 


We write for a variety of purposes.  Children learn early on that they can share their own ideas with others by telling their story through drawing and writing.  With positive feedback from a parent or caregiver, and with practice, young children gain confidence in expressing themselves and becoming enthusiastic young writers.  In this section, click on episodes to discover how you can help your child become that enthusiastic writer.

* Asterisk indicates link to a Bulletin(s)



The Power of Positive Responses to Our Littlest Writers

 Preschool <–> Primary 


Dad’s Notes

Building Writing Relationships

 Preschool <–> Intermediate 


Piper’s Notes*

Nurturing Our Youngest Writers

 Preschool <–> Intermediate 

Luke Writes a Poem*

Learning to Write: Planting the Seeds

 Preschool <–> Primary 


Surprise Box 

Our Littles Need Time and Opportunity to Write

 Preschool <–> Intermediate 


What’s for Lunch?*

Purposeful Everyday Writing

 Preschool <–> Intermediate 


Sidewalk Chalk*

All They Need Is Support

 Preschool <–> Primary 


Turner Makes a Book*

Reading My Own Writing

 Preschool <–> Primary 


Landon’s Zoo

Kids Need the Time and Opportunity to Write

 Preschool <–> Primary 


Making Connections

Children come into this world Made for Learning.  From the time they take their first breath they are learning – about themselves and about the world they inhabit. Wonder and curiosity spark imagination and play.  Parents and other caregivers contribute to this learning by reading to their children, by storytelling, and by conversations daily, from birth through childhood and beyond.  All of this motivates children to learn to speak, to read, to write, and to think and understand.  Language-rich life experiences, like the ones in this section, reach beyond the mechanics of speaking and reading and writing.  Parents help their children become literate members of their community.

* Asterisk indicates link to a Bulletin(s)


A Thousand Questions

Questions Flourish in Moments of Wonder

 Toddler <–> Intermediate 


Celebrating the Young Musician

The Bridge Between Music and Language

 Preschool <–> Adult 


Papa Ron Tells a Story*

Storytelling: A Magical Way to Learn

 Infant <–> Adult