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Welcome!  Browse, contemplate, and engage in this unique area dedicated to parents, grandparents, and other caregivers interested in connecting with educators and others, driven by the desire to help your child continue to grow.  This newly launched section of the website will continue to expand.  Visit often.  Leave us your contact information for news and announcements.

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• You will see a short description of an interaction between an adult and child.

• You will see a commentary (with blue background) to explain the “why” of what was explored.

• Many commentaries also include suggestions for trying this out on your own.


We believe that learning is built into all of us from birth and much of learning is a natural process that emerges from the interaction of children with parents and other human beings and with the world. Newborn babies waste no time in starting a life-long quest of making meaning of their surroundings using all of their senses and their brains.

Here we will explore children learning language – both print and voice – with an emphasis on Learning to Talk, Learning to Read, and Learning to Write.  Our goal is to offer you abundant real-life stories revealing ways in which you can support your child’s learning in these areas.

In the words of Debra Crouch and Brian Cambourne,

“All children are made for learning.”

Index to All Learning Episodes


Spoken language builds the foundation for learning to read and write.  Starting at birth, parents and caregivers naturally surround a child with talk.  Babies hear us talking with one another, they listen when we speak to them and about them.  And they are eager to mimic us as they experiment with their first words.  In this section, click on episodes to discover ways you can encourage and nurture your child’s natural curiosity about language and their ability to communicate through talk.

Doo-doo-doo, Baby Shark

Helping a Child Discover the Power of Language



Infant/toddler <–> primary


Jack and Jill

The Benefits of Nursery Rhymes



Infant/toddler <–> primary


Brady Learns to Sign

How Do We Help Our Littlest Ones to Communicate?

 Infant/toddler <–> preschoolESPAÑOL

Brady’s Shoes

Positive Responses That Encourage Learners



Avery Begins Her Journey

A Road on a Child’s Journey to Becoming Literate


 Infant/toddler <–> preschool 

I Remember

Parents: A Child’s First Teacher



Reading is about making meaning in print.  Learning to read should be as natural, real, and stress-free as learning to talk.  Reading opens up a child’s imagination and provides access to knowledge about the world around them.  From selecting the right books, to holding your child in your lap as you read your first books together, to their first attempts at reading, your child’s lifelong love of reading begins at home.  In this section, click on episodes to discover how you, your child’s first teacher, can create opportunities to explore printed language.

Best Friends

To Help a Young Reader Learn About Reading



Infant/toddler <–> primary


Luke Swims With the Whales

A Reader’s Imagination



Infant/toddler <–> High School



Informational Books Ignite Reading

 Infant/toddler <–> primary 

Amir Figures It Out

Meaning Matters Most


 Preschool <–> primar 

Just Imagine

Tapping Into Your Child’s Imagination



Infant/toddler <–> High School


I Read the Words Right

Reading Is About Understanding the Story



Preschool <–> primary


One Child’s Journey

Never Give Up



Primary <–> Middle School


A Bedtime Story  

Bedtime Stories and the Opportunity They Give


 Infant/toddler <–> intermediateESPAÑOL

A Lively Conversation

Sharing a Book and a Conversation



Infant/toddler to High School

But the Words Are Bigger

Unlocking the Meaning



Infant/toddler <–> intermediate



Flashlight Reading!

Reading Books Together Builds Key Relationships



Infant/toddler <–> intermediate


 I Only Read the “Pink” Books

Reading With a Little One



Preschool <–> primary


A Good Idea!

A Book and the Opportunities it Gives



Preschool <–> primary


Luke and Mother Octopus: A Moment of Enlightenment

A Time of Wonder, Curiosity and Discovery



Infant/toddler <–> intermediate


Turner Makes a Book

Reading My Own Writing


Preschool <–> primary



We write for a variety of purposes.  Children learn early on that they can share their own ideas with others by telling their story through drawing and writing.  With positive feedback from a parent or caregiver, and with practice, young children gain confidence in expressing themselves and becoming enthusiastic young writers.  In this section, click on episodes to discover how you can help your child become that enthusiastic writer.

Dad’s Notes

Building Writing Relationships



Preschool <–> intermediate


Piper’s Notes

Nurturing Our Youngest Writers



Preschool <–> intermediate


Luke Writes a Poem

Learning to Write: Planting the Seeds

 Preschool <–> primary 

Surprise Box 

Our Littles Need Time and Opportunity to Write


 Preschool <–> intermediate 

What’s for Lunch?

Purposeful Everyday Writing


 Preschool <–> intermediate 

Sidewalk Chalk

All They Need Is Support


 Preschool <–> primary 

Turner Makes a Book

Reading My Own Writing


 Preschool <–> primary 

Landon’s Zoo

Kids Need the Time and Opportunity to Write

 Preschool <–> primary 

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