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Luke and Mother Octopus: A Moment of Enlightenment

by Maryann Whitfield

Luke and Mother Octopus: A Moment of Enlightenment

Two Readers

Two readers
one experienced
one a novice share a book and soon find themselves exploring the ocean deep.
They meet Mother Octopus
and are captivated
by what they learn.

Maryann and Luke -- Mother Octopus 2

“Then for weeks she keeps her eggs safe with her eight long, strong arms.”  After we read this page Luke turned to me looking quite serious.

He quietly said, “Did you know some babies stay with their moms after they are born?  But, some animal babies leave their mom as soon as they are born.”  He sounded sad.  “I think the baby octopuses will leave their mom.”

When we came to the last page we read these words: “Then all at once, away they go – zip, zip, zip like tiny jet-propelled balloons.” 

Luke looked me with a big smile, “Its okay they left their mom.  They can swim.”

A Time of Wonder, Curiosity and Discovery

Have you found yourself amazed by all the questions your child can ask in a day?  They ask so many hows and why’s.  Our child’s mind is filled with wonder and curiosity!  Their questions give them power as they explore the world and learn.  We want to help them with their exploration. 

Reading books with our child gives us an opportunity to nurture their desire to learn.  Books and our conversations as we read together lead to a joy of discovery.  In these shared moments we witness their learning.  Of course, there can be more questions, too.

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