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Resources for Your Child’s Literacy Journey

For forty years, Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc. has been committed to developing the best resources for children learning to read and write.

Our Books for Young Learners (BYL) are available in English and Spanish, are used in classrooms across the U.S., and are ideal for reading at home.  Because you are your child’s first teacher, we want to offer you an opportunity to nurture, encourage, and inspire your child to develop a lifelong love of reading.

We offer engaging stories and beautiful illustrations and photographs.  Stories are presented from a child’s point of view, exploring concepts like family, friendship, humor, diversity, adversity, culture, animals, and more — keeping your child’s interest, which is key to getting children to read, and reread, for pleasure and meaning.  Children need frequent opportunities to read books that are not too challenging for them.  Their reading success builds confidence, competence, and an appetite for more books. 

Make reading fun for you and for your child.  Engage them in conversations, not interrogations.  The episodes presented in our Literacy Gallery provide you with excellent examples of opportunities for learning together.  Visit often, subscribe, leave a comment, or ask a question.


Free Access to eBooks – Here you will discover eBooks of books used in episodes and more.

Special Offers for Parents and Caregivers  – Here we introduce you to the levels of EMERGENT, EARLY, and FLUENT reading options.  We have special packages, and a coupon only for parents and caregivers!

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