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Special Offers for Parents and Other Caregivers

Special Book Package Offers

Our books are organized on our website in a variety of ways! We offer a complete list organized from easier books with few challenges, to more complex texts at higher levels ( Fountas and Pinnell ). You can also search for nonfiction books, books in English or Spanish, books with cultural diversity, traditional stories such as fables, folktales, and legends, and more.

The Special Book Package Offers on this page, allow you to choose from several book packages created especially for at-home reading. Each 3-book set includes books from a range of levels/reading abilities. Parents and caregivers get free shipping by using the code – PARENTFRSHP – each time they order from these book sets or any other Books for Young Learners (BYL) children’s books’ on our website. Purchases must be a minimum of $21. Refer to coupon for rules that apply.

Choose from sets on:

• Family,
• Diversity,
• Pets,
• Repeated Characters,
• Nonfiction, and more.

Contact us for help at 1-800-262-0787 or 1-800-336-5588 or email phyllisgreenspan@rcowen.com

Coupon for FREE SHIPPING for Parents and Other Caregivers



With Minimum Purchase of $21

 Expires December 31, 2023

Choose from: Parent Packages or individual BYL books in English or Spanish. No limit to the number of books you select. Use each time you visit. This coupon cannot be combined with any other coupon, discount, or offer.

May be modified, removed or extended at the discretion of Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc.

Parent Package Collections

General Guidelines

Each book is identified by its reading stage – EMERGENT, EARLY, or FLUENT – and this information can be found in the book details for every book in the collection. ( See My Dog Fuzzy as an example. ) All children begin life as emergent readers. Most children will progress to the early stage around age five, and enter the fluent stage sometime around age seven. Because the skills and needs of every child will vary widely, these are not definitive designations, but rather general guidelines to assist you in selecting materials for your child. In the first four packages below, all titles in the package have the same reading stage as indicated at the top of the package.

The Emergent Package

Level: Emergent

The Henry Package

Level: Early

The Max and Toby Package

Level: Early

The Fluent Package

Level: Fluent

The Family Package

Level: Emergent/Early/Fluent

The Spanish Package

Level: Emergent/Early/Fluent

The Diversity Package

Level: Emergent/Early/Fluent

The Nonfiction Package

Level: Emergent/Early/Fluent

The Pets Package

Level: Emergent/Early/Fluent

The Folktales, Fables, Legends Package

Level: Early/Fluent

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