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Flashlight Reading!

by Maureen Slamer

Flashlight Reading!

Geema listened then hung up the phone.  “Mom’s shift is running over.  Somebody called in sick. She may not get home in time for bed.”

“She promised!  It’s game night!  She said we could play that new game!  Stupid work!”  Monisha shouted.  “This always happens!”

Geema didn’t know what to say.  Work was always mandating overtime and Monisha was not the only one suffering.  “Mom said she was sorry.  She was looking forward to being home tonight with you.  So, what about game night with me?  I know I’m not Mom, but I can still play.” 

“Geema, it’s a video game.  You don’t like video games.”  Monisha pouted

“Yeh, I  don’t, but what if you showed me?  I can try.” Geema pointed out. 

Monisha shoved out of her chair. “I guess.”  Monisha grabbed the controllers.  “C’mon, I’ll play first and show you.”  Geema sat down beside Monisha and stared at the screen.  She watched as Monisha’s thumbs flew.  Geema knew she was in trouble.

What seemed like hours later Geema’s phone rang.  “It’s Mom!”  Monisha grabbed the phone.  “Mom, Mom, Geema’s playing a video game!  She’s really, really bad!”  Monisha laughed then listened.  “Oh, so you’re not coming home, better talk to Geema.”  Monisha sighed.  Geema glanced at Monisha, her face a mask of disappointment.  As Geema disconnected her mind raced, how to salvage the night and bedtime. 

“Hey, it’s almost bedtime.  Get ready and we’ll do something special.”  Geema walked into the kitchen, “Where would I put a flashlight?”  Geema searched and searched.  “Whew!  Got it!”

Monisha wandered into the kitchen.  “What are you doing with that?”

“You’ll see…” Geema grinned and grabbed her bag.  “I brought some books with me.”  Geema led the way to Monisha’s room.  “Get in.”

Monisha’s eyes widened as Geema turned the light off, climbed in and grabbed the covers.  “Geema, you’re not sleeping with me are you?” 

Geema laughed, “Nope.  We’re reading”

“Geema, are you having one of those moment things?”

Geema grinned as she flicked the flashlight on.  “No, honey, this is flashlight reading.  I remembered a book I read to your mom when she was your age and I found it again.  I wanted to share it with you.”  Geema pulled the book from her bag.  The light danced on the page and Geema began to read.  “One summer night long ago in the Highlands of Scotland, the Moon Princess got lost.”  Geema read on, the light from the flashlight flickering from page to page.  As the book ended Geema looked at Monisha. 

“Geema, that was cool!  Can I do one?”

It was close to midnight.  Mom slowly opened the door to Monisha’s room.  Geema and Monisha were sound asleep,  the flashlight bright on the page.  Mom gently rubbed Geema’s shoulder as she flicked the flashlight off.  Geema’s eyes slowly opened.  “I remember, Momma. I remember.  Oooh, how I loved that.”

To read more about Flashlight Reading, click link here to One Child’s Journey.

Reading Books Together Builds Key Relationships

Relationships are important to our kiddos.  Reading books in creative ways provides opportunities to build those fundamental key relationships that engage kids.  Flashlight reading invites kids to discover the magic of a book.


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