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I Only Read the “Pink” Books

by Maureen Slamer

I Only Read the "Pink" Books

“Grammy, Grammy, look!”  Marley shouted at she ran in from the bus.  “I have stuff to show you!”  Marley’s grandma smiled.  “Let’s take a look.” Marley unzipped her bulging backpack.  Papers started flying. 

“I know I packed it.  The teacher said I gotta read it.  But, Grammy, I can’t read that.  I only read the “pink” books at school.  It’s gonna be too hard!” Marley searched.  “Found it!”

Grammy walked over to her chair.  “Come, sit with me.  Let’s do this together.”  Marley snuggled in.  “Tell me about this story.  Let’s look at the cover.”

“It’s a dog, Grammy.”

“Yes, it is a dog.  Oh, My Dog Fuzzy,” Grammy read.  Grammy turned to the first page, “What’s going on?  Who’s that?”

“Fuzzy, you know the dog on the cover, Grammy.  He’s running.”

Fuzzy ran past my mom.  Now what’s happening?”

Marley rolled her eyes.  “Grammy, Fuzzy’s running!”

Fuzzy ran past my dad.”  Grammy turned the page.

“Let me do it, Grammy.  Fuzzy ran past my…” Marley stared at the picture tapping the page.  “It’s the sister!  Fuzzy ran past my sister.”  Marley smirked and continued on to the end of the book.

“Marley, how exciting we read your book!  I knew we could do it!”  Grammy smiled.

“Yup, we did.  Next, time we read it, Grammy, I won’t need you… or just a little.”  Marley grinned.  “Maybe I can FaceTime mom or dad at work and read to them.”

“Great idea, Marley!”

Reading With a Little One


Children need practice and a helping hand when learning to read, much like when they learned to talk.  You are providing a positive, supportive response to their attempts and the words the book uses, just like you accepted words and phrases as they learned to talk.  As you listen and accept your child’s responses talking and reading through the book together, your child is learning from you how to engage with a book.

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