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Piper’s Notes

by Maureen Slamer

Piper's Notes

Piper watched as Nonnie’s house faded from view.  See you in a week, she thought.  I wonder if she will find them.

The next morning Piper’s Nonnie opened the cupboard door.  “What’s this?”  She whispered.  Propped on the coffee, a blue note card greeted her.  Smiley faces and hearts danced across the card.  A smile bloomed on Nonnie’s face.

Later that evening as darkness began to creep, Nonnie switched on the lamps.  “What’s this?”  A small slice of yellow peeked from under the lamp.  Nonnie slowly slid the card out, hello!  Nonnie grinned, “Another message from Piper.”  Nonnie’s eyes scanned the room.  “What else have I missed?”


Nonnie’s phone began to buzz. Piper’s smiling face popped onto the screen.  “Hi Piper!”

“Nonnie, did you find them?” “Find what?”

Piper’s smile faded, “Ohh…nothing.”

Nonnie walked to the fridge, “Look Piper.”  Piper’s notes filled the screen.  Piper counted and smirked.

 “Keep looking Nonnie, Keep looking.”

Piper 6 years old

Nurturing Our Youngest Writers

Piper is beginning to form the habits of a reader and a writer.  Piper’s Nonnie uses her fridge to keep herself organized.  Notes are splayed across the refrigerator as reminders of appointments and commitments are made.  She is leaving notes as a surprise for her grandmother.  She assumes her grandmother will find her notes, read, find pleasure in them, and post them on her fridge.  The note of smiley faces and hearts conveys a message.  The symbols carry the meaning.  The second note, hello!, is clear.  Piper knows her grandmother can read and understand her messages.  Her grandmother provides encouraging support and allows Piper to explore and write on her own.  Piper relies on the examples and models she has seen to successfully write her notes.

Writing doesn’t have to be a chore.  It serves an important purpose.  How might we consider incorporating writing into our daily interactions with kids of all ages?

We could …

  • co-write a letter, maybe to grandma, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, friend
  • send a card
  • play restaurant, and take orders
  • make signs and labels
  • make notes for reminders
  • draw and label pictures for the refrigerator
  • compose notes for a scavenger hunt

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