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Cassia McClain

Bacon Saturday Mornings

I grew up in Southern California in a predominantly Black and Mexican neighborhood where my best memories often revolved around food.

My parents raised all five of us children to be avid readers.  But I struggled to find books that reflected my own life and family, stories where I could easily see myself within the telling.

As time passed, I cultivated what I came to call a “side passion” for writing short stories.  I specifically wanted to write for young children.  It really was through the stories I read as a child that I first found myself transported to different lands, visiting different cultures, and being taken on imaginative journeys that helped widen my perspective.

Bacon Saturday Mornings

With Bacon Saturday Mornings, I wanted to depict my “perfect day” as a child: Waking up to my mother’s cooking, seeing her in her mumu dress with her hair tied back, and dreaming of one day sharing my stories with the world.

My goal was that one child reading Bacon Saturday Mornings might be able to see themselves reflected in the story and connect with the dream of becoming a writer.  At the same time, the story would be universal.  Another child would be able to peer into a day in the life of a little Black girl who loves the smell of her mother’s cooking and realize that they too feel the same way.

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