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Janice Boland

The Pond

I always loved nature.  As a child I explored the parks and vacant lots of the city.  There was so much to see and learn, so many treasures to discover.  In summertime up in the country, there were lakes and ponds, woods, fields, and meadows filled with wildflowers and wildlife to explore. 

When I grew up, I spent as much time as I could wandering through the woods, discovering the secrets of the weeds and flowers, the birds, the foxes, the chipmunks, and other wild things.  I foraged through fields with herbalists and naturalists, fascinated by the earth’s bounty and its beauty.  

While meandering through the forest near my home one spring day, I came upon an enchanting little pond encircled by rushes and tall wild grasses.  The water was so still, calm, and peaceful.  A mallard was slowly paddling across its smooth surface, a frog was hiding beneath the watery reeds, while above, a spider was spinning a gossamer web.  I was glad that I had my camera with me to capture it all.

I knew a turtle lived there.  I wanted to take his picture, too, but he was elusive.  Whenever I focused my camera, the click of the shutter frightened him, and he slid back into the water.  Day after day that summer, I returned to the little pond with my camera.  One day, the turtle remained sunning himself on the log and I took his picture.  

When the autumn wind blew the leaves from the trees, one orange leaf drifted down to the pond.  I captured its image as it floated on the water.  I wanted to share this magical place with children in a book of pictures and words, and so I wrote The Pond. 

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