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John Christopher Fine

Diving for Treasure

Two things have always been constant in my life: deep-sea diving and horses.

Although writing came easily to me when I was young, it was not my goal.  I was on track to help people.  I became a biologist centering on healing, served on rescue squads, worked in hospital emergency rooms and ambulances, and became a medical missionary to war-torn Congo.

My experiences led to writing about my work and writing about deep-sea diving and horses.

My ocean exploration books describe great adventures discovering sunken treasure galleons around the world.  Diving for Treasure and Meeting Squawky are examples.

I met Janice Boland, the talented editor at Richard C. Owen Publishers.  We worked together on two books illustrated with my underwater photos.  Diving for Treasure explores history and treasure beneath the sea.

Writing is solitary.  No one can do it for me.  Editing is also a long, tedious, and very necessary process before a book manuscript is ready for publication.  Talented editors, like Janice, take hold and with the enthusiasm of a team, my books were produced.

What fun.  Ocean encounters, a special relationship on horseback, creatures in the wild, and the beauty of nature have been my joy.  Sharing it brings respect for our planet and natural resources to others.  Riding horses bareback into the ocean, as I did recently in Caribbean waters, reminded me of the wonder of our planet.

Reading has always been part of my life.  The pleasure of being read to as a child by my parents, of then sharing reading together, then reading for the joy and excitement of allowing imagination to soar with characters portrayed in books continues now.  Hopefully my books will inspire young people as books I have read provided knowledge and excitement for me.