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My Writing: A Look Inside

Special Features

Spelling resources: A spelling list on the inside front cover, as well as a word bank on the inside back cover, provide spelling support where and when students need it while writing.

New Words I Can Spell List allows the author to create an inventory of new words that he or she can review and draw from for new writings.

Vocabulary resources: A personalized thesaurus page helps students replace over-used words with synonyms, expanding their vocabulary and making their writing more interesting.

Editing guide: Students create personalized guides they can refer to while editing and revising, in order to continue improving their writing.

Revision lines: Specially marked lines above the writing lines provide an appropriate space revisions, additions, and your comments, making improvements easier and clearer.

Multi-use space: Students use the blank pages facing their writing for illustrations, graphic organizers, practice, longer additions, and other support for their writing process.

Dedication page allows the author to make a dedication of his or her work with pictures and or words.

About the Author page gives the author space for self expression through autobiographical writing with room for drawings.

My Writing – $2.50