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Professional Books: Conversations With a Poet Inviting Poetry into K-12 Classrooms

Conversations With a Poet: Inviting Poetry into K-12 Classrooms

by Betsy Franco

2005 pb 160 pages
Item # 546
ISBN 1-57274-740-4

Written by a practiced poet and author of many books for children and adults, this book explores how to write, read, and teach sixteen poetry forms. Part I of the book offers a thoughtful, easy-to-read view of how to teach poetry. For each poetry form, Part II includes: a brief history, characteristics of the form, everyday parallels, several original sample poems, demonstrations for writing it, and an extensive bibliography.

The author links poetry to state standards in an engaging way for teachers and their students.

“April is filled with lots of special days – including D.E.A.R. Day in honor of Beverly Cleary’s birthday. It’s also National Poetry Month . And poetry is great grist for reading, especially for regular Drop Everything And Read activities.

But the very mention of poetry – at least in my experience – can cause apoplexy in adults (notice I said adults; younger children respond especially warmly to poetry). I think that’s because adults are insecure about identifying quality poetry and ways to share it with children.

And that’s where Conversations with a Poet by Betsy Franco (Richard C. Owens Publishers) comes in! The subtitle says a lot: Inviting Poetry into K-12 Classrooms, by the respected poet who wrote this conversational, informative and thoughtful book. In an inviting way, it introduces ideas for using poetry with kids and provides solid lists of poetry collections. This is a must-read not only for teachers and librarians, but for parents who want to introduce their children to poetry beyond nursery rhymes.
— Reading Rockets® Blog

“I was inspired to write an acrostic poem about this new book after reading it.
Peering into the mind
Of a poet.
Experimenting and
Teaching with a plethora of poetry forms.
Reading and writing for real purposes.
You’ll find the positive power of poetry!.

—Debbie Diller, Houston, Texas Educational Consultant and Author of Literacy Work Stations and Practice with Purpose

About the Author

Author Bio: Betsy Franco, poet and former teacher, is the author of over fifty books, including children’s picture books and poetry collections (Mathematickles! and Counting Our Way to the 100th Day!).

She also anthologizes teenage writing ( You Hear Me, poems and writing by teenage boys; Things I have to Tell You, poems and writing by teenage girls) and writes professional books for the classroom.

She and her husband line in Palo Alto, California.

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