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Professional Books: Poetry Friday Anthology for Science Teacher Edition

 The Poetry Friday Anthology For Science (K-5 Teacher / Librarian Edition)

by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong

ISBN 978-1-937057-97-8
Item# 554

The Teacher’s Edition of Poetry Friday Anthology for Science includes 218 by 78 award-winning and popular poets, exploring science standards while also incorporating literacy skills; poems that can be used as part of a science lesson. Follow weekly themes or use the index to identify relevant science topics.

Poetry Friday is a simple and effective way to infuse poetry into your classroom and current teaching practice.

Match poems and science lessons using the weekly themes or the index at the back of the book to identify relevant science topics. Add poetry sharing to a planned science lesson by taking one minute to read aloud a science poem to set the stage for the instruction. Or conversely, end with a poem to reinforce the concepts introduced in a science lesson and build knowledge retention.

Topics covered: scientific practices, lab safety, tools of science, matter, force/motion/energy, light and sound, space, the water cycle, weather and climate, forces of nature, natural resources, ecosystems, video technology, computers, famous scientists, science careers, and more.

For a complete learning experience, pair this Teacher’s Edition with illustrated grade-level Student Editions for each grade: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

About the Authors

Janet Wong is a graduate of Yale Law School and former lawyer who switched careers and became a children’s poet. Her dramatic career change has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN’s Paula Zahn Show, and Radical Sabbatical. She is the author of 30 books for children and teens on a wide variety of subjects, including writing and revision (You Have to Write), creative recycling (The Dumpster Diver), diversity and community (Apple Pie 4th of July), cheating on tests (Me and Rolly Maloo), and chess (Alex and the Wednesday Chess Club).

Janet Wong’s books include: Before It Wriggles Away (A Richard C. Owen “Meet the Author” Book), You Have to Write (2002), and A Suitcase of Seaweed (1996), Co-Author of ‘The Poetry Friday Anthologies”.

Books by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong are published by their company, pomelo books. We are honored to distribute The Poetry Friday Anthology series.

Sylvia Vardell is Professor in the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman’s University and has taught graduate courses in children’s and young adult literature at various universities since 1981. Vardell has published extensively, including five books on literature for children, as well as over 20 book chapters and 100 journal articles. Her current work focuses on poetry for children, including a regular blog, PoetryforChildren, since 2006. She is also the regular “Everyday Poetry” columnist for ALA’s Book Links magazine. http://poetryforchildren.blogspot.com/

Sylvia Vardell’s other professional books include: Poetry Aloud Here: Sharing Poetry with Children (2012) and The Poetry Teacher’s Book of Lists (2012), Co-Author of ‘The Poetry Friday Anthologies”.