Amplify Grade 1A Kit – BYL Levels: Levels F-I (42 Books)


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Grade 1A Kit – BYL Levels: Levels F-I (42 Books)

42 BYL Titles

42 Books Includes

Artist, The  SP 
Birthday Bird, The  SP 
Camel Ben
Cats Everywhere  SP 
Dogs at School  SP 
Gecko’s Story  SP 
Grandpa’s Candy Store  SP 
Henry Runs Away
Mai-Li’s Surprise  SP 
Changing Caterpillar, The  SP 
Coat Full of Bubbles, A  SP 
Coo Coo Caroo  SP 
Dragonflies  SP 
Flip Flop  SP 
Joe’s Blue Shoes
Lid, The
Little Panda
Paco’s Garden  SP 
Storm, The  SP 
Tiger Dave  SP 
Andi’s Wool  SP 
Bear’s Tale, The
Digging to China
Henry’s Tricks 
Jake’s First Word 
Little Book of Street Rods, The
A Little Green Dandelion, A
At the Lake
Baron: Rescue Dog  SP 
Bunny Magic  SP
Cat with No Tail, The
Coyote Plants a Peach Tree  SP 
Crabbing Time
Dogs Love to Play Ball
Goha and His Donkey
Hoketichee and the Manatee  SP 
How Fox Became Red
Hungry Sea Star, The  SP 
I Ride the Waves