PB – Literacy Coaching: Developing Effective Teachers through Instructional Dialogue


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Literacy Coaching: Developing Effective Teachers through Instructional Dialogue

by Marilyn Duncan

2006 pb 112 pages/with DVD
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ISBN 9781572748651

Instructional dialogue is one tool literacy coaches can use to help teachers increase student learning. This book is designed to support novice and experienced literacy coaches in refining their listening and questioning skills, expanding notions of what it means to observe a teacher in action, and ensuring that coaching is a meaningful learning experience. A DVD of an instructional dialogue between a teacher and the author of this book is included.

Instructional dialogue is an opportunity for teachers through the mentorship and facilitation of a coach to think about their practice and ways to improve it.

Instructional dialogue is also a process of professional development. The teacher, with the support of the coach, identifies a challenge to instruction through the vehicle of an action plan. This plan is the teacher’s commitment to action. Together the teacher and coach determine how they will work together and gain information to provide quality feedback to the teacher. After the coach works alongside the teacher, they meet for a dialogue. The teacher commits to a change in classroom practice as a result of the dialogue. The impact of this change is expected to be evident through increased student achievement. Student achievement increases are measured by district, school, and classroom summative and formative assessments.