PB – Outstanding Formative Assessment: Culture and Practice


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Outstanding Formative Assessment: Culture and Practice

by Margaret Meek

2014 pb 208 pages
ISBN# 978 1 471 82947 5
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The most comprehensive of Shirley Clarke’s titles includes updated key strategies and thinking, extensive full-color examples, and more focus on whole-school development and success than in her previous books. Best-selling author Shirley Clarke provides a wealth of high quality ideas, practical strategies, classroom examples and whole-school case studies for teachers in primary and secondary schools. The book is clearly structured around the ways in which teachers actually teach, with QR coded web video clips to illustrate key points in action. You can access and view the video clips using a QR code reader on your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Core sections of the book include:

  • Laying the foundations for formative assessment – establishing the learning culture, involving pupils in planning and talk partners
  • Effective starts to lessons – question and activity starts, setting learning objectives and pupil-generated success criteria
  • Developing the learning – through questioning with self-peer and teacher feedback and marking, encouraging reflection and improvement
  • Developing excellence – with a focus on writing
  • Effective ends to lessons – summarizing the learning
  • Developing a whole-school approach – stories from outstanding schools in the US and UK, including lesson study; assessment policies and staff development