PB – Reading Miscue Inventory – From Evaluation to Instruction 2/E


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Reading Miscue Inventory – From Evaluation to Instruction 2/E

by Yetta M. Goodman
Dorothy J. Watson
Carolyn L. Burke

2005 pb 328 pages
Item #544
ISBN 1-57274-737-4

This authentic assessment provides substantive data on how readers engage with the reading process to make meaning; it also illuminates the disconnects in that process when reading is challenging. Unlike most reading assessments that only provide a label or a “level,” the Reading Miscue Inventory provides teachers with the insights to know how to help readers better succeed.

A must-have for classroom teachers and adult educators who wish to know more about their students as readers as well as for graduate students studying reading behaviors. This revised edition of the Reading Miscue Inventory: Alternative Procedures includes a user-friendly reorganization of the procedures and offers an extensively updated and expanded research base and reference section. Updates also include help in interpreting and using the classic Burke Reading Inventory, thorough analyses of readers with different strengths and challenges, and new instructional ideas.