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Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc. hereby grants permission to any school, public or private, using our Books for Young Learners, Meet the Author, or Author at Work books to video record any teacher reading any of our books to use with students.

Permission is granted for as long as the recording is of value to the school. 

  • Please begin the reading or end it with these words:  “Permission to record the reading of this book to the wonderful children of ____ school is granted by Richard C. Owen Publishers, Inc.  The website is www.rcowen.com.”
  • The video is not to be duplicated and shared with other schools.  However we are willing to have any other school using our books to make their own recording and follow these guidelines. 
  • The person making the request will send an email to Richard Owen — richardowen@rcowen.com — and include the following information:  Name of school,  Address of the school, Name of person making the request, Reader role in school, Title of the book. 

Are you willing to send us a copy of the video?  If so, send to Richard Owen.  We would like to see what you do.