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Professional Books: Developing Life-long Readers

Developing Life-long Readers

by Margaret E. Mooney

1988 pb 30 pages
Item# 23
ISBN 0-478-02701-X

This concise book helps teachers clarify their roles in developing positive attitudes and equipping children to read with enjoyment and fluency.

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About the Author

Author Bio: Margaret E. Mooney’s teaching, writing, and publishing career began in New Zealand, but for the past several years she has been dividing her time between New Zealand and the United States, especially the state of Washington.

She encourages teachers to view all children as worthy, not needy, emphasizing education as a process of enhancement and not one of compensation. She promotes guided reading as an instructional approach in which children practice, apply, and extend skills and strategies in order to understand text on the first reading. Margaret has written the Books for Young Learners Teacher Resource, Text Forms and Features: A Resource for Intentional Teaching, Reading To, With, and By Children, and Developing Life- long Readers.

In 1998, Queen Elizabeth II appointed Margaret as an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her services to education, particularly the teaching of reading.

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A concise, easy-to read, twenty-nine page booklet providing insights about reading and the reader and what to look for when selecting a book for teaching reading.

The first part of the book Knowing About Reading considers the beliefs and understandings about how teachers can effectively help their students become life-long readers and writers.

The section Knowing the Reader presents the attitudes, understandings, and behavior of readers at the emergent, early, and independent stages of reading. The section Knowing the Books delves into supports and challenges citing some sample books at various reading levels.

In the section Presenting the Book the approaches of Reading to, Shared Reading, Guided Reading, and Independent Reading are explored. Encouraging Responses looks at the teachers role in helping readers respond to books and how to provide time and space for children to make their responses. Knowing What’s Happening has to do with the ways teachers can observe, evaluate, and discover what learning is taking place and

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Knowing About Reading

Chapter 2
Knowing the Reader

Chapter 3
Knowing the Books

Chapter 4
Presenting the Book

Chapter 5
Encouraging Responses

Chapter 6
Knowing What’s Happening